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Home Insurance

Do you review your home insurance annually? Have you made any alterations to your home? Do you have the right level of cover and best excess in place? Is it Sum Insured or based on a Notional quote? Are you getting value for money and how well does your current policy provider handle claims?

For many, your home is your biggest investment, both financially and emotionally. Protecting it is imperative as is securing the most suitable policy. With so many offers in the marketplace, it can be confusing!

Many use comparison websites to find the cheapest deal, focussing on the cost rather than the cover. However, numerous sites list generic policies that aren’t tailored to people’s specific needs. And for those who need a higher level of cover, standard ‘off-the-shelf’ policies are unlikely to provide enough protection.

At Equity Financial Solutions we can offer a range of buildings and contents cover to suit your specific requirements, insuring against accidents, damage, fire and theft. Let us tailor a solution to whatever type of property you call home.

Home Insurance