Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is a great way to help protect good health.

Living through the pandemic has taught us many things, one of which is that our health is our greatest asset.  And with the implications of increased financial pressure and greater waiting times on the NHS, the impact of a delayed diagnosis or treatment could have long-lasting implications.

At Equity Financial Solutions, we always look to add value with products that meet our customer’s needs,  We have therefore partnered with Vitality Health to offer high quality Private Medical Insurance (PMI) cover to fit all budgets.  The level of PMI cover available can be tailored, to suit you as an individual, a partnership or a family.

For a free, no obligation quote, please do get in touch today.  Please note Equity Financial Solutions will not be giving advice on this product.  This service is offered by referral to a third party.


Benefits of Private Medical Insurance


You will be offered fast, stress-free access to high-quality medical facilities and the very latest treatments, at a time and place to suits you.

GP access within 48 hours

With often long wait times to see an NHS GP, we offer Vitality GP (including video calls) as a core component to all members giving access to one-on-one virtual consultations within 48 hours.

No waiting lists

Private healthcare removes the uncertainty of NHS waiting lists, by allowing you access to the very best in medical care, at a time and place to suit you.

Prompt referral

We offer quicker access to leading consultants shold you need further treatment.

Second opinion

We offer an easy and convenient escalation process to change consultants if you are not happy.

Fast diagnostic tests & admission

With waiting times being a prime source of anxiety in many health events, private healthcare offers you the flexibility and freedom to fix appointment and treatment dates to fit you and the reassurance of a quick and full diagnosis.

Drugs & treatment

Private healthcare can provide access to a wider range of drugs and treatment, including those which might not yet be approved for use or paid for by the NHS.

Choice of hospital (including private)

PMI offers easy access to hundreds of private hospitals in the UK, as well as the freedom for you to choose where and when you are treated.

Hospital quality & cleanliness

Access to a nationwide network of private hospitals, all with extremely high standards of hygiene and patient care.


Private healthcare provides you with the comfort and privacy of your own room – eliminating concerns about shared wards and giving you a more relaxed, quieter and private environment to be treated including single occupancy and en-suite rooms.